What comes in every box?  

Every SoupBoxLove order includes an artisan small batch dry soup mix specially chosen for the season and celebrations, news about the nonprofit you have supported with your order, a recipe card with savory suggestions … and a sweet or savory surprise treat (sometimes both)!

Do I need any of my own ingredients to make my soup?  

You will only need to add water and broth to  each dry soup mix as indicated on the back label of every package.   In some cases, milk, cream or non-dairy substitute is suggested.   This gives you the flexibility to personalize soups to your preferences.

How do you choose the nonprofits you support?  

We actively seek nonprofits that are delivering innovative, community-based solutions to fighting hunger. These organizations can be new or well established – and making an impact on a local, regional or national level … but ALL will be dedicated to delivering creative solutions to this chronic issue!

Soup in the summer?

You bet!  Our creative cold soup blends will still warm your heart … and feed others in need.  We are crafting some crisp, refreshing recipes.  Try them - you'll like them! 

Am I able to choose the soup recipes I receive?

Not at this time but we are working to provide that option in the future. We appreciate your patience as we consider the best way to build “choice” into our business.  In the meantime, thanks for your gratitude of the soups that have been thoughtfully selected to honor the seasons and holiday celebrations! 

Where does SoupBoxLove ship?

SoupBoxLove ships to all 50 US states.  We also ship to US territories and all provinces in Canada for an additional flat rate shipping charge of $5.   At this time, we are unable to ship orders to APO (Army Post Office), FPO (Fleet Post Office) and DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) addresses.

Can I change the length of my Subscription during a Subscription?

Yes, you have the option to extend or shorten the length of the subscription you originally ordered as long as you send us a request BEFORE the 5th of the month at info@soupboxlove.com.  We will apply any current promotional offer we are running to your change – or apply the original promotion code you used. 

How many servings of soup does each package make?  

You get 8 full servings of soup in every amazing package of gourmet dry soup mix! 

Are your soups made from all-natural ingredients? 

They certainly are!  Each artisan soup recipe uses only the highest quality, non GMO, natural ingredients – all of which you can pronounce – creating gluten free, Kosher certified no salt added  

Do you have a Corporate Employee & Client Gift Program?

Absolutely!  Every order placed for your valued colleagues will include a handwritten acknowledgement of your gift.  For orders over 100, we can also customize a Gift Note with your Brand and specific message.  Delivery can be made to individual gift recipient addresses – or your mail office for you to hand deliver personally.  

What is your return policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with order, send us an email at info@soupboxlove.com!  Be sure to indicate what month or specific soup recipe you are unhappy with, reason for your dissatisfaction and contact information.  We will do what we can to address your concerns and keep you as a loyal, happy customer. 

I signed up for a SoupBoxLove subscription, but when will I receive my order?  

All orders placed on or before the 12th of the current month by 6pm MST will receive the current month’s subscription between the 16th-20th of that same month.  However, orders placed after the 12th of the current month will be shipped the subscription for the next month. 

I've been waiting patiently for my SoupBoxLove order, but where is it? What if my package was lost in the mail?

Contact us immediately if you haven’t received your SoupBoxLove in the mail by the 25th of the month.  We will work with the USPS to track down your delicious soup order and get back to you as soon as possible with an update.

Wow, I just LOVE the latest gourmet soup mix I receive – can I reorder more? 

Yes, you can if we have inventory of that artisan recipe available.  Given our small batch process, we only make a limited quantity, but if we have any additional inventory available after all our orders are shipped, we send our customers a special reorder notice.