What comes in every box?  

A delicious soup blend packaged with a customize message from your organization on the front and side panels of every box.  You can also include other inserts to support your program outreach goals such as resource listings or motivational notes.

Do they need any other ingredients to make my soup?  

No.  They only need to add water or broth to each dry soup mix.  Easy, quick cook instructions are included on the back panel.  Additional ingredients are suggested but not necessary. 

Are your soups made from all-natural ingredients? 

They certainly are!  Each artisan soup recipe uses only the highest quality, non GMO, gluten free, vegan ingredients – packed with grains, spices and vegetables - all of which you can pronounce.  

How many servings of soup does each package make?  

Each package of our delicious and nutritious recipes makes 8 full servings of soup! 

What are you minimum order requirements?

Our program minimum is 480 recipients.  Each of them would receive a delicious artisan soup blend in their SoupBoxLove delivery once a month for three months.  

Can I choose different soup blends?

Yes, as a special order.  We are happy to suggest other soup blends for your program and constituents with a soup order of 2,000 or more. Some of our other favorites include Black Eyed Pea & Rice, Fiesta Tortilla Soup and Farmhouse Lentil. 

What are the advantages of using high quality dry ingredients?

Yes, as a speci

How quickly can I get started?  

In less than 4 weeks with rush orders.  We can jump into action so your first delivery is received within a month.  Otherwise, we typically quote a 6-8 weeks needed to customize the messaging and design of each SoupBoxLove soup package. 

Can my boxes include program sponsor information?

Absolutely!  You choose what goes in every box delivered to your constituents. We understand that funders that underwrite this program might like to be recognized for their support.  

How much are program costs?

Most prefer to have Soup

What are my organization's home delivery options?

Most prefer to have SoupBoxLove just bulk ship all individual pre-packed boxes directly to the organization where they can then insert any other program materials or resource listings, attach their constituent's home address label and use their own postage rates to mail individually.  Otherwise, SoupBoxLove can provide this service and maintain strict confidentiality of home address database. We will just simply add the cost of postage on to your program fee. 

Do I pay for the bulk shipping of SoupBoxLove order to my organization?  

No.  That bulk shipment is included in the cost of the program. 

Who do I contact to discuss how we can customize SoupBoxLove for our organization?

Just email us at info@soupboxlove.com