Yummy Goodness ...

Limited Mobility Seniors

Enjoy these 2 powerful soups packed with protein, super food grains (and other goodies) ... energy and nutrition you need for the holidays!  

  • Black Eyed Pea + Quinoa Corn Chili soup mixes
  • 2 "Perfect Preparations & Pairings" Recipe Cards
  • Two Moms in the Raw Granola Bar samples
  • Enstrom Chocolate Almond Toffees

Good Cheer Box

The perfect 3-pack to bring a spoonful of sunshine to chilly winter weather!  Includes a bright Good Life+Good Food Kitchen Towel too.

  • Potato & Leek + Farmhouse Chowder + Fiesta Tortilla 
  • 3 Perfect "Preparations & Pairings" Recipe Card

Holiday Happiness  ... 

Baked Potato & Leek Box

"Shower" this delicious soup on friends and family celebrate Spring! 

  • Potato & Leek soup + "Perfect Pairings & Preparations" Recipe Card
  • 34 Degrees Toasted Onion Crisps (full size box)

Lots of Love Box

Send a "sweet" soup box for someone special ... to celebrate a birthday, anniversaries or just because!  

  • 1 Tuscan Sun Minestrone mix + "Perfect Preparations & Pairings" Recipe Card
  • Set of 4 LOVE Coasters 
  • Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Raspberry candies

Everyday Favorites ...

Comfort Box

Send a hug and a bundle of comfort to someone you know ... a thoughtful way to say "Get Well Soon",  "Hang In There" or "Thinking of You"!

  • Tuscan Sun Minestrone + "Perfect Preparations & Pairings" Recipe Card
  • Mindfulness Tea sachets by The Tea Spot

Congratulations Box

Unique, purpose-filled gift for any celebration and special occasion ... like housewarming, new baby or promotion! 

  • Our fun Fiesta Tortilla soup + "Perfect Preparations & Pairings" Recipe Card
  • "Good Food ~ Good Life" Jacquard Kitchen Towel